MID updade

As a result of the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive each member country is required to create a centralised method of identifying who insures a vehicle from its registration number. In the UK, this data is being collected via the insurance industry through the creation of the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

In order to meet the requirements of the Directive you are obliged to provide the MID with details of ALL vehicles covered under your Motor Trade Road Risks Policy regardless of how long a vehicle is in your possession. This is a legal obligation and failure to provide this information and keep it up-to-date is a criminal offence and may result in you receiving a prosecution and a fine of up to £5000.

What you must disclose

As a Motor Trader (full or part time), you are required to notify the MID of all changes of vehicles (additions and deletions) under the following categories:

Business and personal vehicles

  • You are required to disclose details of all vehicles permanently owned by you, provided such vehicles are covered by your Motor Trade Road Risks Policy. Please note that vehicles owned by your spouse or any employee are not covered by your Motor Trade Road Risks Policy and therefore should not be included.

  • Details of ALL vehicles in your possession which are for sale, being driven, used or parked on a road or public place.

  • Trade Plates

    • You must disclose all Trade Plate numbers.
    Passing through vehicles

    • Customer vehicles in your custody or control for motor trade purposes e.g. repair/valet/servicing do not need to be disclosed. However, if these vehicles are being driven under Trade Plate regulations the Trade Plate must be disclosed.
    How to notify the changes

    It is your responsibility to notify the MID immediately after you take possession of any vehicle and/or when you dispose of any vehicle

    The method of notification is specified below:

    Alianz/Cobra Insurance -
    Covea Insurance: www.coveainsurance.co.uk

    Axa Insurance: www.midupdate.com

    Aviva Insurance: www.midupdate.com

    NIG: www.midupdate.com

    LV: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.